Amazing! I'm sure glad you are on our side. I will hold the rest off while you get to the throne room… please protect my… erm… protect the King!

- Newbie Shop - Robina's Quests - Robina's Defense Quests

There is a Horc uprising under way, and I need your help to contain them! Help me slay the Horcs and stop their plans to overrun Battleon. Keep your eyes open for war prizes; as you get one, you can trade it in for equipment that will aid you in battle

- Horc War Defender Quests - Horc War Boss Quests

In Snow Path


- Snow Path Quests

After completing Snow Path Quests

Hunter Thank you so much for helping us! Let's head to the town of Frostvale ! I'm really worried about the other moglins. I hope when we get there it is not to late. - Snow Path Quests - Go to Frostvale!

In Frostvale


- Ice Cave - Major Moglin

After completing Ice Cave Quests

Hunter Yay! Blizzy's friends have come back but we still can't have the Frostvale. The Sneevils have taken over our present making fatory and they are not letting us make our presents. Without the presents we can't deliver them to all the good adventurer's of Lore. Go to Major Moglin for more information. - Ice Cave - Major Moglin

After completing the 'Greedy Sneevil' quest

Hunter Thank you so much for saving Frostval! All the moglins have returned to town and with our Factory back in business we can have the best Frostval ever. Everyone is going to be so happy! We are so happy that we have arranged a new snowball area for everyone to enjoy! - Ice Cave - Toy Factory - Robina and Blizzy's Shop


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